Public Holidays 2017

Pursuant to Article No. 115 Labor Laws dated on June 18th 2012;

Helios System Technology JSC kindly inform our customers about the Public Holidays 2017 as following:

Holiday periods:

1. The 2017 Hung King Anniversary Holidays:

-       01-day off on Thursday (April 06 2017).

-       Heliosys JSC will resume work on Friday (April 07 2017).

2. Reunification Day and International Labour Day 2017:

-       02-days off on Monday (May 01st 2017) and Tuesday (May 02nd 2017)

-       Heliosys JSC will resume work on Wednesday (May 03rd 2017).

We wish you enjoyed your holidays!

Many thanks and regards,

Heliosys JSC.